Monday, 12 March 2012

More Money than Sense!

Ever wondered what you would do if someone gave you £200,000?

Buy a house, a nice sports car or buy a round of drinks for your "new" friends lol.

Thats what city whizz kid, Alex Hope did when he celebrated becoming a millionaire by buying a round of drinks totalling £203,948.80. Added to that bill was a modest £18,540 and 80 pence service charge (I'm sure the staff loved that.)

It is thought that this is the worlds most expensive round of drinks beating US gambler Don Johnson, who spent £170,000 last year in the One for One nightclub in London's Park Lane.

Hope and Glory! Pictured with his £125K bottle of shampers.
Liverpool's Hilton Hotel nightclub, PlayGround must have thought they had hit the lottery when this guy started ordering drinks which included a £125,000, 30 litre (6.6 gallon) bottle of Armand de Brignac Midas champagne (the worlds most expensive bottle of bubbly.)
Various other drinks ordered by the financier included £80,000 worth of other champagne, beers, vodkas and mixers, and looking at the receipt seen on the right , £126 was oddly spent on something called "Pussy" of which 42 where ordered, rather strange and rather cheap I would assume!

The hard working currency trader, who lives in London's Docklands says he isn't a show off, but promised himself he would have a "good" night out once he'd made a million!

Look at what £125,000 could buy you!

A bottle of the worlds finest (as rated in 2009) of Armand De Brignac champagne.
Which incidentally could have been purchased online for £43,995, saving Mr Hope £81,005!
A luxury 14 night Mediterranean cruise nearly 34 times = over 1 year and 3 months on holiday!
Sponsored 8,333 needy African children!
Nearly 5 kilos of 22 carat gold (according to Tesco's!!!)
or 3.2 kilos of pure gold as worked out using Plus500 Trading Machine!
This "Stunning" 3 bedroom house in South Wales, UK!!!
Ferrari 599 GTB FI Coupe 2007, 8100 miles, £124999
 or a "used" Ferrari 599 GTB FI Coupe 2007

A statement made from one of the clubbers said "Funny thing was, that he didn't seem to be drinking much himself and looked totally sober."

Mmmmm I think if I spent £200,000 on booze I would be wasted for a week at least!
Some people really do have more money than sense.
I know many organisations or charities, that would have been able to do a great deal of good, with money like that.  Including me!

What would you do with £200,000? 

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