Friday, 16 March 2012

More from "Cassetteboy" & Masterchef Mash Up's!

Those of you that like "Harry Potter" will love this mash up created by Cassetteboy, it is advised that you only watch if you are over 18 years of age.

Thanks and credits to YouTube user cassetteboy for this spin on Mr Potter!
Original upload can be seen at

This next video which was uploaded by YouTube user "itv2official" is a mash up of The Only Way is Essex, originally created by cassetteboy, therefore thanks and credits go to cassetteboy and itv2official for this upload.
Original upload located at

2012 MasterChef Champion.
On the theme of MasterChef, I have found 2 videos on YouTube which are extremely funny. I thought I would put these in, since the final which was televised last night.
Congratulations to Shelina Permalloo pictured on the right, who was crowned the over all winner of MasterChef 2012.
The following video is a "mash up" of "The MasterChef Final 2010" and the second upload, a superb mash up with a techno track, you gotta watch these!

The Finalists who love their biscuit base!!!

The Masterchef Final 2010
Original upload can be seen at
Full credits and thanks to YouTube user "jamesmillers54"

Masterchef Synesthesia - Swede Mason
Original upload on YouTube at
A big thanks to YouTube user "swedemason" for this excellent mix of video and music that reminds me of acid music and the crazy frog for some reason! Genius!

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