Saturday, 10 March 2012

Return of the Living Dead!

Medical negligence might not be the first thing on your mind, if after 3 days of laying in the morgue, you suddenly woke up to find pathologists about to perform an autopsy on you!

Mum of two, Lyudmila Steblitskaya (easy for you to say) was pronounced dead by doctors in Moscow, after suffering from a stroke 3 days earlier.

Mortuary staff where just about to prepare her body for the post mortem, when they noticed she was breathing!

Nil by mouth!

The 60 year old woman is now recovering in hospital and said "It looks like I was just unconscious for all those days"

This mirrors a similar story of a man who also "returned from the dead" in July 2011.
The man who did not want to be identified, woke up inside a mortuary fridge screaming!

Sizwe Kupelo, spokesman for the Eastern Cape Health Department in South Africa said the man, also in his 60s, lost consciousness after having an asthma attack, but his family presuming he was dead, rang for a private mortuary company to collect his body, rather than paramedics.

Staff at the mortuary had the fright of their lives, when the "dead man" woke up shouting and screaming. Scary!

Six hours later the man was declared stable and sent home!

My Comments:

Freaky......imagine the look on the morgue's staff face's.
The question of life after death HAS been answered, thank you and goodnight!
I think I'll watch that zombie flick now!

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10 Cutest Cat Moments

Just found this video on YouTube, maybe Mr Vincent should take a look at it!

Credits and thanks go to LiquidGenerationTube for the upload.

My Comments:

Think I might go out and buy myself a cat now after watching this lol.

Friday, 9 March 2012

I thought Postman Pat liked cats!!!

Good old Pat with his faithful pussy!

Why would anyone want to hurt an animal? Why would anyone want to hurt a cat, considering postman pat has been delivering enchanting entertainment, to children all around the world for over 27 years, you would think Royal Mail would tell their "posties" to display proper and right conduct.

Typical hoody!

Not so it seems for one miserable mail man, who was jailed for 6 months for repeatedly hurting a cat so badly it died from "horrific internal injuries".  Sentencing him to jail, magistrate Ian Bacon told him "we don't believe your version of events", after the 38 year old animal killer tried to say that he found the cat inside his box and tried shooing it away.

Alan Vincent a postman for 9 years, took a dislike to the 14 year old puss puss called Tiddy, and bashed the cat with his mail trolley, eventually throwing it over a hedge.
Horrified neighbours witnessed Mr Vincent carrying out the attack and confronted him, before another neighbour dialled 999 to report him.  He told the ranting neighbours to f*** off and this was heard on the emergency services recording, which was played in court.  Mr Vincent then casually went about his job, delivering the mail!

Vincent from Feltham, Middlesex, UK has since been fired from his job and become a single 38 year old, hoody wearing convict, after his partner left him!

The cat owner, Ms Hartridge was informed by neighbours of the cruel battering and rushed home to check on her cats, realising one was missing, she eventually found Tiddy, and rushed her to a veterinary hospital but died from her injuries.

Speaking after the verdict at Reading Magistrates Court, Ms Hartridge's partner Stephen Hughes said "Justice has been done, but it won't bring back Tiddy.  What this man did was cruel and disgusting, I hope he has time to think in his cell"

My comments:

Was it worth it?
"So mate, what you doing time for?"
"ermmm, battering a frail old cat"
How old are you........6 months in my opinion is too short, you should be made to wear a hat when you come out saying I'm the Cat Killer of Feltham please kick me up the jacksy!
Lets hope when he comes out of prison, he doesn't think of applying for work at Battersea Cats and Dogs! Nasty little man!

Hong Kong Cage Dwellers

This short video uploaded by "journeymanpictures" shows the horrid conditions that the poor Chinese contend with.

Credits and thanks to journeymanpictures for this upload.
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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Man locked up most of his life for being disabled!

A 23 year old man in Guangxi, China is locked up in a small cage, and has spent the best part of his life inside it since the age of 2. 

 Wei Yun who is mentally disabled was allowed to crawl around his family home as a child, but almost died when he knocked a pan of boiling water all over himself.  Since then his family has kept him locked up like a caged dog!

Wei Yun in his wooden cage.

Wei Yun is unable to speak or walk and the family say they are forced to keep their mentally disabled son locked up when ever they go to work.  The stepmother who works in rice fields, and does other odd jobs to support the family regularly runs back home to check on her step son and help him go to the toilet and so on.  A neighbour says "it's a hard choice for her as she has to take care of him, but also has to work in the fields"

This case in southern China, is typical due to a lack of state care for disabled people, forcing carers to work whilst trying to look after their families.

Thousands of people in Hong Kong live in degrading conditions because they simply cannot afford a room.  Cages measuring 6ft by 2 and half foot are used to home many impoverished chinese.

People living in cages

My Comments:

I thought only dogs lived in cages or kennels.  This is absolutely disgusting and China should feel ashamed that they allow people to live like this.  China has the highest population in the world standing at 1 billion 347 million 350 thousand inhabitants and accounts for nearly 20% of the worlds population! I'm sure there is room for some more chippies over here!