Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pain in the neck!

A REAL man's sport!

Now that's a man's sport isn't it! Rugby.........forget all these overpaid footballers who seem to spend most of their careers, being paid huge amounts of sick pay when ever they get injured!

These lads who involve themselves in the rugged sport of rugby certainly take a lot of knocks.........in fact one rugby mad fella found out he'd been living with a broken neck for 43 years!

I want £200,000 a week or I will cry!!

Phillip Loveday, a former soldier was playing for the Army, when a 22 stone opposing player came crashing down on him.

Mr Loveday, hard as nails!

At the age of 16, he remembers going to hospital after the bone crunching tackle and says: "I went to hospital, and as far as I was concerned everything was OK, but looking back, you have to remember that X-rays then, weren't as clear as they are today!"

Mr Loveday certainly got his break in life!

It was only when Mr Loveday, aged 59, went to hospital after dislocating his shoulder, that it was then discovered he had a fracture of his C3 vertebra!
Mr Loveday from Bridgend, South Wales said: "I had an MRI scan of my shoulders and neck and the doctor asked me if I knew I had a fractured neck.  I said, no.  The fracture was still there and visible on the scan.  I didn't feel anything because there was nothing to feel."
Mr Loveday explains that when he went into the Army, he had to bulk up, and went from a seven stone weakling with a tiny neck, to having a 22 inch neck!  The muscles inside Mr Loveday's neck got stronger and bigger and were able to support his head and neck, despite the fracture!  The former Harlequins rugby player, who served in Northern Ireland and the Gulf, broke his neck again in 1971 whilst playing for the Quins against London Welsh!

Unfortunately experts have told the grandfather of ten, that there is no way to fix the break, but this didn't bother the former soldier who has since re-trained, to become a tutor through the Education Programmes for Patients, and is now helping other patients with chronic and long term illnesses.

My hat goes off to you Mr Loveday.......with that grit and steely determination, you'd be the ideal candidate for the England managers job!  Oh but god forbid the players carry on with a dead leg!!!

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