Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Quick Scopes (13th May 2012 - 19th May 2012)

This week our LUCKY SIGN is Cancer.

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(21st June – 22nd July)

Lucky Numbers:

03, 08, 19, 27, 33, 42

Your Quick Scope this week:
You are our LUCKY SIGN of the week Cancer!
It's worth having a flutter this week, whether it's having a go on the lottery, putting a few quid on the horses or even a pound or two in a slot machine!  Take advantage of your lucky spell, because this could well give you a boost to your pocket.  Your health isn't too bad either, although you could do with some 'YOU' time to recharge your batteries.  Have a great week Cancer.

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sweeney Todd Pills!

Johnny Depp stars as Sweeney Todd

Have you ever watched the film or musical of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street?  To put it bluntly, the story is about a murderous barber who slits the throats of his victims, then turns them into meat pies for the customers of the bakers underneath his barber shop!  Thankfully the character is fictional however there may have been true historical accounts of similar crimes!

Powdered baby remains discovered in capsule
Unfortunately the following story about some private companies, working with Chinese hospitals and abortion clinics, to ‘harvest’ dead babies, in order to produce ‘stamina’ pills, is very real!
Thousands of capsules containing the flesh of dead children have been seized, and after testing were found to contain 99.7% human ingredients!
The DNA tests also revealed that hair and nail remnants were also evident.

The ministry of health in China have now launched an investigation into this ghastly practice, after customs in South Korea intercepted 17,450 of the ‘stamina capsules’ from 35 smuggling attempts.  The capsules had been dyed or switched into boxes containing other drugs to disguise them.

Last year a Korean documentary claimed Chinese hospitals, and abortion clinics were working with private companies, to notify them when a baby was still born or aborted so the body could be bought and stored in a families’ home refrigerator, in order to avoid any suspicion! 

Medical microwave machine

The process of producing the pills, involves drying out the corpse inside a medical microwave, grinding the body down into a powder then put inside the capsules.  They are then sold as stamina enhancers!

In addition to the human remains found inside the pills, extremely harmful materials such as super bacteria’s were analysed and confirmed.

An official stated that tougher measures were needed, to protect public health and the South Korean customs were now stepping up inspections on shipments of drugs arriving from China.

Never buy any drugs online or from a source you have no information about.  There are literally thousands of websites that sell most drugs and concoctions of ingredients that claim to improve all sorts of ailments!  You simply don’t know what you are ingesting or putting onto your skin.
If you need treatment or advice, please go and see your doctor.  It’s the only way to make sure you are kept safe from immoral companies, like these based in China!

Monday, 7 May 2012

New Games!

We've added some great games to our website' Game Section and removed some which didn't seem that popular, but we've kept hold of the ones that you seem to like including Alien Bottle Buccaneer, Orb Eater, Tactical Assassin 3 and Flight.

So which games did we add?

Angry Birds of course!  Most of you should know about Angry Birds.  This game has graced most peoples smart phones and is simply addictive.  The game play will have you wanting more levels in no time.  Come and play one of the best games to hit the market for some time.  Pull back your slingshot and knock those green piggies off their perches or whatever hideout they seem to be holing themselves up in!

Next up we added another classic game, that had most of us, staying up for hours munching through hundreds of pellets and super pellets, and never gave us any nightmares regarding ghosts!  Yep you guessed it..............PacMan...........!  PacMan needs no introductions, and is one of the classics that set new standards in the gaming industry.  Obviously dated to today's modern games, but still one of the best of it's time.  Come and play PacMan. My brother will love this!

Lovers of racing games will enjoy ion Drift epsilon, which is very similar to the 'crazy' Wipeout game.  Very futuristic in it's feel for a racer game.  Hurtle round the tracks at 'head moving' speeds, this will have you pulled in and if others are watching you, they'll be commenting on your head movements!!!  Tip**select full screen mode for the best game play**

Well we hope you enjoy our new games, but if you want any of the old games bringing back then send us a quick email detailing which one and we'll see what we can do.

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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Quick Scopes (6th May 2012 - 12th May 2012)

Our LUCKY SIGN this week is Leo the Lion/ess!

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(23rd July – 22nd August)

Lucky Numbers:

08, 19, 28, 35, 38, 44

Your Quick Scope this week:
You are our 
LUCKY SIGN of the week!  Lucky lucky Leo!
What's that feeling in the bottom of your stomach?  You are feeling better than you have been for some weeks now, and starting to see your path.  Being honest with those around you who matter, will only serve to bring them closer, something you really need.  Your outlook is looking great, and it's good to see that whilst you can be quite an angry star sign, you're also extremely clever, and someone will notice that this week.  You are now starting to see that it's quite normal to pick and choose your friends, but your family will always be there for you.  Have a great week Leo.

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Friday, 4 May 2012

Bad Bad Bear!

Winnie the pooh and Yogi bear would be proud of this naughty bear in Switzerland, who steals food rather than go hunting for it!
Stealing food isn’t the only crime this naughty bear gets up to either!

M13 pictured in the wild.

The bear’s name: M13 (appropriately named by experts!) has been blamed for raiding bins, making off with beehives, pulling apart a snowmobile, killing a goat and last week used an electrical pylon as a back scratcher which caused a forest fire!

The young brown bear has been causing problems for some time now and hasn’t stayed out of the news since he woke from his winter sleep.  The brown bear shows little fear towards humans however, it seems that M13 may now be in a life threatening state, after it appears he may have been hit by a train between Scuol and Klosters, Switzerland L
M13 was tagged with a microchip around 2 weeks ago after Wildlife officials sought to retrain the bad bear, after he had been caught wandering through the region without any signs of fear to humans.  The ‘rehabilitation programme’ which involves shooting non-lethal ammunition at the bear to frighten it away by gamekeepers has been used in the past, but unfortunately was unsuccessful on a previous bear (JJ3) and, eventually lead to the bear being shot and killed back in 2008.

M13's brother M14!

It is believed that M13 is now hurt after the train incident and hiding inside a cave.

It comes after the bear’s brother M14 was hit by a car in Italy last month and died!

Bear plays with it's raggy doll!
It is sad to hear that the fate of this bear may end up with it either being shot or dying from its injuries, but we have to remember that these are wild bears which, can attack and seriously injure anyone.

It is good to learn that the SwissEnvironment Ministry take these bears seriously though, and have management programmes in place to protect and manage them.
Let us hope that M13 is ok though and that the Wildlife officials get to him soon.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New competition (Win a Whirling Dervish)

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Wackets! (Wacky snippets of news)

Welcome to our Wackets page!  This section will be dedicated to short news items or news in brief!  Or as we like to call it.......Wackets!

Good luck pilgrimage kills six!  A giant boulder the size of a 
house, fell on six pilgrims, killing them and seriously injuring two others.  The boulder smashed into their car after they were returning from a visit to mountain top pagodas where over 1.2 million people go, to pray for good luck.  The accident could have been caused by the use of dynamite to build a road near the 710m peak in An Giang province, south west Vietnam.

Sale now on!  Ice creams only 10p!  A neighbourhood in Babina Greda, Croatia, are enjoying the delights of their cut price ice creams after Slaven Maric from the local council organised a fight against 'business freeze' by slashing the prices to just 10p.  Mr Maric says "Happy children means relaxed parents who spend money"
Come on ice cream vanners, give us something in the U.K to smile about!

Fat cat finally passes away :....(  Meow, one of the worlds fattest and famous cats weighing in at 2st 8Ib (18kg) has died from complications with his weight.  The two year old tabby was taken to an animal shelter after his 87 year old owner could no longer look after him.  He was immediately put on a diet and had lost 2Ib (900g) but developed breathing problems and sadly passed away in his Santa Fe, New Mexico shelter :(  RIP Meow.

I only wanted to be famous!  Gabriele Reali of Florence, Italy decided to shoot his brother with a crossbow, just so he could get into the papers!  Reali, 46, told police "I wanted to do something that would end up in the papers, I didn't want to kill him, just to injure him so the case would get some publicity!"  His brother Michele is now recovering from a shoulder wound!  Most people just enter the X Factor to make a fool of themselves!

New laws in Switzerland will allow prostitutes to take their punters to court if they refuse to pay up after receiving aherrmmm their service!  
Seems that in the largest city of Switzerland, the sex trade is extremely popular and there are several 'escort' agencies in Zurich that target wealthy business men.  
What happens if a Judge refuses to pay up?

Don't look back in anger!  A Spanish study has shown that people who remember the past in a negative way, are more likely to to find it a physical effort doing day to day things, and are more likely to become ill.  Those who learned from their experiences are physically and mentally stronger, and do not notice body pain as much.  Oasis got it spot on!

A newly wed couple from Tokyo, Japan, spent their honeymoon in.............the football stadium of Southampton!
Mr Yasumoto convinced his new wife that the highlight of their honeymoon would be a visit to the St Mary's football stadium to watch his beloved Coventry City take on Southampton.  His team lost 4 - 0 and were already relegated.  So not the best of days Mr Yasumoto!

A speeding motor cyclist found a novel way to cover his number plate, so he wouldn't get nicked flying down the highways at high speeds.  But unfortunately after getting 'nicked' after cops caught up with him, the 48 year old biker, who was doing 120mph near Johannesburg was forced to remove the pair of knickers covering his number plate!

A stupid burglar tried paying for a taxi with stolen goods, including a gold watch and a DVD player after fleeing the crime scene in Portsmouth, UK, in a cab he'd booked as his get away car!  Anthony Thacker, 33, was sentenced to a suspended 12 month jail sentence and given a supervision order.  Thick as thieves?

A dentist in Glasgow, Scotland is treating a dozen colleagues who are afraid of having their teeth checked with hypnosis, laughing gas and relaxation techniques!
Dr Mike Gow 35, says he can ease their fear of needles by using the unusual methods!
He says: "They are people who have fears just like everybody else"

A study of 3,000 people aged between 15 and 23 has shown that obesity is linked to fast food TV ads!  I thought it was eating too much to be honest!
The US study says TV ads for burger and fried chicken restaurants was leaving a lasting impression on young people's waistlines and says fast food advertising is strongly linked to obesity.  So stop watching TV and eating then!

Cannabis farms are on the rise in Britain!  More than 20 farms and factories were discovered every day last year!
Police seized drugs to the value of £100 million from a total of 7, 865 farms found in Britain during 2011/12.
According to a study from the Association of Chief Police Officers, criminals were reducing the size of their farms and employing "gardeners" to manage small sites!

Ghostbusters!  MP's in Belgrade, Serbia are calling in the ghostbusters after hearing spooky voices in parliament!
The building sits on an old cemetery site and the politicians are said to be genuinely frightened inside the building.
They have heard unusual "spirit voices" and have now had enough.  Lets hope it isn't Slimer causing trouble again!

What a fantastic idea this is!  Convicted drink drivers in Austria will be made to fit "alco-locks" to their cars which will flash the lights and sound the horn until the car is halted, if the driver is over the limit!
The drink drivers must blow into the mini breathalyser before switching on their engine and at intervals during the journey as part of a new trial!

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Pain in the neck!

A REAL man's sport!

Now that's a man's sport isn't it! Rugby.........forget all these overpaid footballers who seem to spend most of their careers, being paid huge amounts of sick pay when ever they get injured!

These lads who involve themselves in the rugged sport of rugby certainly take a lot of knocks.........in fact one rugby mad fella found out he'd been living with a broken neck for 43 years!

I want £200,000 a week or I will cry!!

Phillip Loveday, a former soldier was playing for the Army, when a 22 stone opposing player came crashing down on him.

Mr Loveday, hard as nails!

At the age of 16, he remembers going to hospital after the bone crunching tackle and says: "I went to hospital, and as far as I was concerned everything was OK, but looking back, you have to remember that X-rays then, weren't as clear as they are today!"

Mr Loveday certainly got his break in life!

It was only when Mr Loveday, aged 59, went to hospital after dislocating his shoulder, that it was then discovered he had a fracture of his C3 vertebra!
Mr Loveday from Bridgend, South Wales said: "I had an MRI scan of my shoulders and neck and the doctor asked me if I knew I had a fractured neck.  I said, no.  The fracture was still there and visible on the scan.  I didn't feel anything because there was nothing to feel."
Mr Loveday explains that when he went into the Army, he had to bulk up, and went from a seven stone weakling with a tiny neck, to having a 22 inch neck!  The muscles inside Mr Loveday's neck got stronger and bigger and were able to support his head and neck, despite the fracture!  The former Harlequins rugby player, who served in Northern Ireland and the Gulf, broke his neck again in 1971 whilst playing for the Quins against London Welsh!

Unfortunately experts have told the grandfather of ten, that there is no way to fix the break, but this didn't bother the former soldier who has since re-trained, to become a tutor through the Education Programmes for Patients, and is now helping other patients with chronic and long term illnesses.

My hat goes off to you Mr Loveday.......with that grit and steely determination, you'd be the ideal candidate for the England managers job!  Oh but god forbid the players carry on with a dead leg!!!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Quick Scopes (29th April 2012 - 5th May 2012)

Lucky, lucky Gemini!
Horoscopes for the week ahead from Enigma Gee.
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Friday, 27 April 2012

Pot, Kettle, Black.....but we agree!

Addison Lee chairman John Griffin

It was rather ironic to hear that the boss (John Griffin) of Addison Lee (the private hire or mini cab company) stating that: cyclists should expect to get hurt by drivers, if they take to the road.  The reaction of cyclists was typical, and they stated they would be boycotting Addison Lee's offices with a protest.

Cyclists protest outside Addison Lee offices

Addison Lee's chairman has raised a subject, that with all intensive purpose is extremely valid.  However it may have been a little over the top, to imply that cyclists deserve to get hurt, or should expect to be injured on our roads!  It was also an over the top reaction from cyclists, to stand up and react in the manner in which they did.

Really! Was there any need for this protest?

Any debate that has the potential to make our roads safer, should be welcomed with open arms, considering there was 111 cyclists killed in 2011 and 2,660 seriously injured, the whole debate about whether cyclists should be on our roads, sharing the traffic with buses, cars, cabs, lorries, motor cyclists etc is one that needs some attention.

I am astonished at the comments made from a chairman of a large company however, when from experience can say that, when I have been out driving on our roads, and met other traffic, I have found many, many Addison Lee "black cabs" driving extremely erratically!
Some of the drivers of these private hire cars, surely cannot have passed a normal driving test!
I have witnessed these taxi's stopping abruptly, driving dangerously slow, cutting other motorists up and standards way below their so-called professional status dictates.
This is not a dig at cyclists or Addison Lee, but in a round about way, we may end up getting some changes, that are desperately needed to stop the amount of injuries and fatalities on our roads.  So we sort of agree with Addison Lee in some respects.

Another bike rage incident!
Cyclists do not have any formal training, do not hold road insurance or taxation, and anyone can now ride where ever they feel like, thanks to Boris Johnson's bicycle scheme!
I have encountered a huge amount of cyclists, who think it is ok to go through red traffic lights, and I do mean a huge amount.  I have witnessed near misses with cyclists who do not stop at zebra crossings, children on mountain bikes, circling around on our roads, without a care in the world. 

A very large amount of cyclists are also very rude and inconsiderate to other road users.  In fact a large amount of cyclists seem to provoke a lot of road rage, typically when they shout abuse to a driver.  Many of them do not seem to know how to apply their brakes, and give way to large vehicles and consequently annoy many many motorists.
We all have to share the road, and it is quite annoying that cyclists, who do not pay ridiculous amounts of money for insurance, tax, petrol and do not need to have any formal training think they have a right to treat other road users with a lack of respect.

Look you can get a badge as well!

Should it be compulsory?
The sooner that a nationwide cycle test is implemented the better.  Cyclists should also pay for road insurance, as they have on previous occasions caused accidents.  Cycle owners should also be registered and hold a number plate.

These are some recommendations that have been bouncing around for a while, and until someone grasps this subject and starts to do something about it, the more we are going to hear of cyclists being injured or killed.
Of course implementing all of those ideas, will not stop the amount of accidents, but will go some way in reducing them.
Introducing cycle only lanes on a larger scale, would also help in reducing accident numbers.
It is a fore gone conclusion, that with the introduction of more bicycles in our cities and road dimensions remaining the same that the numbers of accidents are only going to rise, so something has to be done now.
Addison Lee, should probably have gone about raising this subject in a more tactful way, but none the less, it is a subject that needs addressing and quick.
In addition, it might be worthwhile if Addison Lee take a look at their own drivers behaviour on our roads, because it isn't just the cyclists that are navigating our roads without due care!

What do you think?
Take part in our poll about cyclists, should they pay insurance?  Should they take a road test?  Tell us what you think in our survey on the right.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Lucky to be alive!

Steven with his angel Dr Piper!

A young man declared dead four times by doctors, defied the odds by surviving a car crash that left 21 year old Steven Thorpe with serious injuries to his face, left arm and needing brain surgery.

Steven's parents begged medics not to turn off the young lads life support machine, even after doctors at the University Hospital in Coventry declared young Steven brain dead!

Mr Thorpe, a trainee accountant from Kenilworth, Warwickshire, United Kingdom was woken from a medically induced coma, after two weeks and was eventually discharged from hospital after a further five weeks.

The doctors in charge of Steven's care, had even asked the parents whether they should consider organ donation.  However after pleading with the hospital to reconsider switching off their son's life support machine, the parents decided to bring in a private doctor for another opinion.
Dr "angel" Piper
Dr Julia Piper, was called upon, and after asking a neurologist to examine Mr Thorpe, they discovered that Steven's brain had very faint brain waves, which could indicate a very slim chance of a recovery.

The young fighter was left in a terrible state, after being involved in a three car crash and a run away horse, which left one person dead and the horse fatally injured.  After having brain surgery, doctors at the hospital told the parents that Steven would never recover!  Thank god the parents never gave up hope!

Before and after.  Steven Thorpe continues to recover
from his accident.
The lucky lad, has since had physiotherapy on his arm and four operations to his face, including an operation to rebuild his nose and have an artificial eye socket made.  Steven said: "Hopefully, it can help people see that you should never give up.  I've had so much positive feedback about it.  My father believed I was alive, and he was correct."
Dr Julia Piper, based in Leicester said: "It's an inspirational story about never giving up.  He's a remarkable young man and his recovery has been astonishing."

University Hospital in Coventry.
School report says: Need to try harder!
University Hospital Coventry and the Warwickshire NHS trust stated that Mr Thorpe's injuries were critical, and brain scans revealed almost irreversible damage.
The trust added: "It is extremely rare a patient with such extensive trauma to the brain should survive."

Mr Thorpe said: "As far as I am concerned, living is a full recovery.  From how I was, to how I am now, I think it's a miracle."

What an extremely lucky, plucky and modest young man you are!
You survived the odds, and if it wasn't for your parents, Dr Piper and your will to live, this could have been another sad story.
The University Hospital in Coventry, should seriously take a look at it's approach to other patient's care and raise the bar.  Credit to Dr Piper for her expertise and identifying that Steven had a chance of recovery.  EVERY patient should receive that type of care and consideration.  

Maybe Dr Piper should run the NHS!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

More Money Than Sense survey results!

We conducted a survey during March and April 2012, and would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who selected their answers and took part in the survey, which was based around a young business man, who had spent the best part of £200,000 for a round of drinks at a top London venue.

(Click here to read that news story)

We asked in the survey what you would do with £200,000?
The answers were:  Buy a sports car
                             Give the money to charity
                             Buy a house
                             Take a long holiday
                        or: Buy a round of drinks!

We found most of our participants would buy a house and take a long holiday, followed closely by with a sports car and surprisingly a round of drinks.
Only 5% of participants would give any money to charity!

Results were: Sports car = 20%
                    Charity     = 5%
                    House      = 30%
                    Holiday    = 30%
                    Drinks      = 15%

Thanks again for taking part in our "More Money Than Sense" survey, and look forward to our next survey coming soon.

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Quick Scopes (22nd April 2012 - 28th April 2012)

This week our LUCKY SIGN is Aquarius.
Come and check out your horoscope for the week ahead, including a set of lucky numbers chosen by our Astrologer Enigma Gee.

(20th January – 18th February)

Lucky Numbers:

16, 34, 39, 41, 43, 49

Your Quick Scope this week:
Well, well, well........You are our 
LUCKY SIGN of the week Aquarius!
You've been feeling under the weather the past week and probably found it hard to shift that nasty cold you had.  But typically with Aquarians, they bounce back  right to the top, and you're energy levels will top right out.  Your social life will be demanding some more time from you, but you'd rather concentrate on your loved one or family.  Money and work is nice and steady and a win out of the blue will bring a smile to your face.  Have a great week Aquarius.

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Fear drives mother to let baby die!

Yet another disgusting story rears its ugly head, over a new born baby allowed to die by it's mother, because she feared the dishonour and shame it would bring upon her Muslim family!

Fatima Ali became pregnant to a Bangladeshi man, who was not approved by the family and relatives.  She gave birth to the baby girl, who had survived the birth, but later needed medical attention.  The mother did not seek any medical intervention and instead, allowed the baby girl to die, and later dumped the body inside a friends garden.

Ali then went out on a family outing with relatives, who were unaware of what she had just done!

Typical! Can't even see who you are!
Nasty woman.
Bolton Crown Court heard how Ali's family had disapproved of a relationship between Fatima and Bengali, Kazi Mohammed Dilwar Hussein, and when Fatima became pregnant, her boyfriend gave her money to carry out an abortion.  Incidentally her boyfriend left the country shortly after!
The relationship between the pair, had caused Fatima's family to be victimised and bullied by community members and caused Ali to carry out her callous act without any thought for the new born baby's welfare.

According to reports, Ali had hidden the pregnancy, and gave birth in her bedroom in Bury, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.  The baby's umbilical cord was cut by Fatima, and after complications the baby died some 2 hours later.  Fatima then buried the baby in a friends garden, which was found wrapped in a black and pink, zebra print shawl.  The friend alerted police and Ali was arrested 3 weeks after.

Bolton Crown Court where Ali was sentenced.

Sentencing Ali to 26 weeks imprisonment, suspended for 2 years and a 12 month supervision order, Judge John Appleby said: "You failed to seek medical assistance following the birth of your daughter.  The tragedy that followed is at the immense disaster for this child.  She died within 2 hours of her birth, and, had you acted appropriately, her life could have been saved" the Judge later went on to say: "This is a tragedy and the result of your actions will be with you for the rest of your life"

Nazir Afzal, Chief Crown Prosecutor for the North West said: "Fatima Ali sought no medical assistance leading up to or following the birth of the baby at home, despite evidence to show that she had access to two working mobile phones at the time.  She then attempted to conceal the baby's body outside her friends front garden, the next morning before going to work as normal"
Mr Afzal went on further to say: "Whatever the community or familial dishonour or shame, real or perceived, that Ali may have felt, it did not justify the tragic death of the most vulnerable victim, a new born baby."

This is yet another sad case from Muslim culture, which highlights how some people feel in their isolated communities, that has driven a woman to callously dispose of a new born baby, purely because of the back lash from the community and family.
I'm sure Islam does not condone such actions from a desperate woman, and on the contrary, if she had asked for the help, people would have given it to her, so to a degree, this woman only has herself to blame in it's entirety for what happened, although the mitigating circumstances point to her psychological state of mind, once she discovered she was pregnant.  But why didn't she have the baby aborted at the earliest of stages?  Obviously abortion should never be condoned by anyone.  Life is extremely precious.
Was it all pre-meditated?
Something has to be done about these isolated communities, that assume that their religion and way of life is the only one.  In a multi-cultural society like ours, everyone has the right to their own way of life, but if it harms someone else, or impedes a normal rational way of thinking, then that is wrong.  
This sadly won't be the last story we hear from the Muslim community!