Monday, 7 May 2012

New Games!

We've added some great games to our website' Game Section and removed some which didn't seem that popular, but we've kept hold of the ones that you seem to like including Alien Bottle Buccaneer, Orb Eater, Tactical Assassin 3 and Flight.

So which games did we add?

Angry Birds of course!  Most of you should know about Angry Birds.  This game has graced most peoples smart phones and is simply addictive.  The game play will have you wanting more levels in no time.  Come and play one of the best games to hit the market for some time.  Pull back your slingshot and knock those green piggies off their perches or whatever hideout they seem to be holing themselves up in!

Next up we added another classic game, that had most of us, staying up for hours munching through hundreds of pellets and super pellets, and never gave us any nightmares regarding ghosts!  Yep you guessed it..............PacMan...........!  PacMan needs no introductions, and is one of the classics that set new standards in the gaming industry.  Obviously dated to today's modern games, but still one of the best of it's time.  Come and play PacMan. My brother will love this!

Lovers of racing games will enjoy ion Drift epsilon, which is very similar to the 'crazy' Wipeout game.  Very futuristic in it's feel for a racer game.  Hurtle round the tracks at 'head moving' speeds, this will have you pulled in and if others are watching you, they'll be commenting on your head movements!!!  Tip**select full screen mode for the best game play**

Well we hope you enjoy our new games, but if you want any of the old games bringing back then send us a quick email detailing which one and we'll see what we can do.

All the best from WWWN.

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