Saturday, 14 April 2012

Chip off the old croc!

Steve Irwin with a little one!
The entire world was mourning when Steve Irwin, the famous crocodile hunter died from a pierced chest, caused by a large stingray in 2006, whilst he was filming for an underwater documentary called Ocean's Deadliest.

Steve had an insatiable appetite for life, and the energy and drive this man had, was fantastic to watch on television.  He was by far one of the wackiest wildlife experts that ever graced our TV sets!
His TV programme "The Crocodile Hunter" was brilliant to watch, and probably made most of us laugh and look in amazement at this guys sheer guts, in which he would wrestle with large crocodiles, feed them and capture them.
Thank god he didn't feed his son, pictured here!

He has handled virtually every animal that has some element of danger fixed to it!
Handling snakes, feeding lions, Steve was in his element whatever he did.

He was once filmed feeding a very large crocodile, whilst he was holding his baby son, Robert, which caused some controversy back in 2004.  However it seems all of the Irwin family are involved with his legacy in some way or other.

Robert feeding the little snappers!
His son Robert, looks like he will be following directly in his father's footsteps, and at the the age of eight, shocked onlookers by feeding a gang of hungry alligators at Australia Zoo!

Robert looks like his famous father and is now getting involved with the same antics his daddy got up to.  Lets hope that he gets his own TV show and continues with his fathers work and superb attitude in life.

I think we all miss "The Crocodile Hunter" and wish Robert a fantastic, long and prosperous future carrying on his fathers work.
I'm sure your dad will tell you though "stay away from stingrays mate."

The Crocodile Hunter videos including some embarrassing moments!

Credits and thanks to YouTube user "ordinaryboysteve"

Credits and thanks to YouTube user "pbuk1"

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Credits and thanks to YouTube user "doranna"

RIP Steve Irwin 22nd February 1962 - 4th September 2006

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Facejacker and Fonejacker (This weeks theme on Jelly Belly's Funny Pics and Vids Section)

You wanna buy DVD? Fancy changing your internet service providings? How about a brand new carrrrr from Terry Tibbs?

Take a look into the world of "Bart" with Brian Badonde!

Whatever you do, don't go giving George your credit card details and sort code!

This weeks theme on Jelly Belly's Funny Pictures and Video Section is Face and Fonejacker............and if you have any complaints please don't allow Dufrais to ring us!!!
I've got a complaint pleaseeeee!!!!!

Series 2 of Facejacker is now showing on Channel 4, so any of you that may have missed any of the shows, head on over to Channel 4's website by clicking here.

Click here to go to our Jelly Belly Section, and watch the videos we have selected.  Some are from the new series, and some from the older shows, including Fonejacker!
We've also included some pics for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Naked Ambition!

It's bad enough getting the "jitters" when you are just about to attend an interview.
Vacancy for coffee shop manager required!
Pervs need not apply!
Those nerves can get to you, and cause you to make a right hash of things, which can ultimately decide whether you get a job or not.

In fact someone once told me that, if you feel nervous attending an interview, imagine the interviewer without any clothes on! This apparently can make you feel calmer, and henceforth produce a great interview!

But imagine if you attended your interview, and the interviewer was actually physically naked!  What would you do?
David Richards, the Rioco coffee shop manager from York, pleaded guilty to three charges of indecent exposure, after he texted two girls aged 15 and 16, and a woman in her 30s, asking them to pop into his shop for a job interview.
As they entered his office, they saw him naked and quickly scarpered!

He may need a Barista for these charges!
Good job he didn't ask his secretary to take something down for him as well!
Ooooo Matron!

The 53 year old sex offender from Wistow, North Yorkshire, claimed he was getting dressed, and asked each candidate to continue with the interview. 
Oops accidentally getting dressed on three separate occasions, do you take us for fools Mr Richards?
York Crown Court where Richards will be sentenced

York Crown Court will sentence the "perv" on April 26th 2012 after Probation Officers have decided what risk he may pose to other women.  He will also need to sign the sex offenders' register.

Another disgusting example of a man, taking advantage of his position, to gratify his needs. Throw the book at him we say!

Coffee related videos!!!! (well the jokes were poor, so we went for vids instead)!!!

Credits and thanks to YouTube user "AssociatedPress"

Credits and thanks to YouTube user "CulturePub"

Credits and thanks to YouTube user "Coffeeenet"

Monday, 9 April 2012

Weird, Wacky & Worldwide News: Return of the Living Dead!

Weird, Wacky & Worldwide News: Return of the Living Dead!: Medical negligence might not be the first thing on your mind, if after 3 days of laying in the morgue, you suddenly woke up to find patholo...

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Quick Scopes by Enigma Gee (8th April 2012 - 14th April 2012)

It could be you.......Well done Julian!
We received a great email this week from Mr Julian Trent who was stuck for numbers, playing the Euromillion's draw on Friday 6th April 2012.
Julian explained to us in his email that he wanted to buy a ticket for the draw, but was tired of using the same old numbers, which he had used for over a year and won only £10 on the Lotto draw.
He came across our site, purely by chance, and caught sight of our Quick Scope section, which is updated weekly by our Astrologer Enigma Gee.
Mr Trent tells us, that he gave the numbers, predicted by Enigma Gee a chance on Fridays Euromillion's draw, and came up trumps with a win of just over £129!

Julian said: "I want to extend my utmost thanks to Enigma Gee for his number prediction, which won me £129.50, I was stuck for numbers and by chance came across your site, I thought what the hell and played them, I checked my ticket today and found out I'd won, thanks so so much to you and Enigma Gee."

We are thrilled that our Astrologer has helped you Julian, and equally appreciative of letting us know that Enigma Gee has created some wealth and happiness in your life.

This week our Astrologer has predicted that the LUCKY SIGN of the week will be Capricorn.

When will it be my turn please Mr Gee?

Come and check out your star sign for the week ahead, and please don't be shy.  If you win any money on the lottery or want to share a story with us, send us an email and let us know.

All the best from WWWN.
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