Thursday, 12 April 2012

Facejacker and Fonejacker (This weeks theme on Jelly Belly's Funny Pics and Vids Section)

You wanna buy DVD? Fancy changing your internet service providings? How about a brand new carrrrr from Terry Tibbs?

Take a look into the world of "Bart" with Brian Badonde!

Whatever you do, don't go giving George your credit card details and sort code!

This weeks theme on Jelly Belly's Funny Pictures and Video Section is Face and Fonejacker............and if you have any complaints please don't allow Dufrais to ring us!!!
I've got a complaint pleaseeeee!!!!!

Series 2 of Facejacker is now showing on Channel 4, so any of you that may have missed any of the shows, head on over to Channel 4's website by clicking here.

Click here to go to our Jelly Belly Section, and watch the videos we have selected.  Some are from the new series, and some from the older shows, including Fonejacker!
We've also included some pics for your enjoyment.

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