Saturday, 14 April 2012

Chip off the old croc!

Steve Irwin with a little one!
The entire world was mourning when Steve Irwin, the famous crocodile hunter died from a pierced chest, caused by a large stingray in 2006, whilst he was filming for an underwater documentary called Ocean's Deadliest.

Steve had an insatiable appetite for life, and the energy and drive this man had, was fantastic to watch on television.  He was by far one of the wackiest wildlife experts that ever graced our TV sets!
His TV programme "The Crocodile Hunter" was brilliant to watch, and probably made most of us laugh and look in amazement at this guys sheer guts, in which he would wrestle with large crocodiles, feed them and capture them.
Thank god he didn't feed his son, pictured here!

He has handled virtually every animal that has some element of danger fixed to it!
Handling snakes, feeding lions, Steve was in his element whatever he did.

He was once filmed feeding a very large crocodile, whilst he was holding his baby son, Robert, which caused some controversy back in 2004.  However it seems all of the Irwin family are involved with his legacy in some way or other.

Robert feeding the little snappers!
His son Robert, looks like he will be following directly in his father's footsteps, and at the the age of eight, shocked onlookers by feeding a gang of hungry alligators at Australia Zoo!

Robert looks like his famous father and is now getting involved with the same antics his daddy got up to.  Lets hope that he gets his own TV show and continues with his fathers work and superb attitude in life.

I think we all miss "The Crocodile Hunter" and wish Robert a fantastic, long and prosperous future carrying on his fathers work.
I'm sure your dad will tell you though "stay away from stingrays mate."

The Crocodile Hunter videos including some embarrassing moments!

Credits and thanks to YouTube user "ordinaryboysteve"

Credits and thanks to YouTube user "pbuk1"

Credits and thanks to YouTube user "AustraliaZooTube"

Credits and thanks to YouTube user "doranna"

RIP Steve Irwin 22nd February 1962 - 4th September 2006

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