Sunday, 8 April 2012

Quick Scopes by Enigma Gee (8th April 2012 - 14th April 2012)

It could be you.......Well done Julian!
We received a great email this week from Mr Julian Trent who was stuck for numbers, playing the Euromillion's draw on Friday 6th April 2012.
Julian explained to us in his email that he wanted to buy a ticket for the draw, but was tired of using the same old numbers, which he had used for over a year and won only £10 on the Lotto draw.
He came across our site, purely by chance, and caught sight of our Quick Scope section, which is updated weekly by our Astrologer Enigma Gee.
Mr Trent tells us, that he gave the numbers, predicted by Enigma Gee a chance on Fridays Euromillion's draw, and came up trumps with a win of just over £129!

Julian said: "I want to extend my utmost thanks to Enigma Gee for his number prediction, which won me £129.50, I was stuck for numbers and by chance came across your site, I thought what the hell and played them, I checked my ticket today and found out I'd won, thanks so so much to you and Enigma Gee."

We are thrilled that our Astrologer has helped you Julian, and equally appreciative of letting us know that Enigma Gee has created some wealth and happiness in your life.

This week our Astrologer has predicted that the LUCKY SIGN of the week will be Capricorn.

When will it be my turn please Mr Gee?

Come and check out your star sign for the week ahead, and please don't be shy.  If you win any money on the lottery or want to share a story with us, send us an email and let us know.

All the best from WWWN.
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