Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Naked Ambition!

It's bad enough getting the "jitters" when you are just about to attend an interview.
Vacancy for coffee shop manager required!
Pervs need not apply!
Those nerves can get to you, and cause you to make a right hash of things, which can ultimately decide whether you get a job or not.

In fact someone once told me that, if you feel nervous attending an interview, imagine the interviewer without any clothes on! This apparently can make you feel calmer, and henceforth produce a great interview!

But imagine if you attended your interview, and the interviewer was actually physically naked!  What would you do?
David Richards, the Rioco coffee shop manager from York, pleaded guilty to three charges of indecent exposure, after he texted two girls aged 15 and 16, and a woman in her 30s, asking them to pop into his shop for a job interview.
As they entered his office, they saw him naked and quickly scarpered!

He may need a Barista for these charges!
Good job he didn't ask his secretary to take something down for him as well!
Ooooo Matron!

The 53 year old sex offender from Wistow, North Yorkshire, claimed he was getting dressed, and asked each candidate to continue with the interview. 
Oops accidentally getting dressed on three separate occasions, do you take us for fools Mr Richards?
York Crown Court where Richards will be sentenced

York Crown Court will sentence the "perv" on April 26th 2012 after Probation Officers have decided what risk he may pose to other women.  He will also need to sign the sex offenders' register.

Another disgusting example of a man, taking advantage of his position, to gratify his needs. Throw the book at him we say!

Coffee related videos!!!! (well the jokes were poor, so we went for vids instead)!!!

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