Saturday, 31 March 2012

This weeks theme on Jelly Belly's Funny Pics & Vids Section is Britain Might Have Talent

Britain Might Have Talent!!

This week Matt "Jelly Belly" Goodson has chosen the theme of Britain's Got Talent, or in some case's, hasn't got talent!
A mixture of weird pics, vids including some of the most memorable moments on BGT.

Come and take a look at Jelly Belly's Funny Picture & Video Section including last weeks theme of Amazing Animals.

Does Britain REALLY have talent?  You Decide!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, 30 March 2012

New Games Section!

Flubbles, join the bubbles and make em pop!
We have now added a great new games section to our website, featuring a selection of varied games from Darts 3D to the coloured bubble popping game: Flubbles.

There is a selection of 6 flash games to chose from, provided by Willing

These games will be changed periodically depending on demand, so if you really like a particular game, let us know about it, and we'll keep it on our site!

Pocket Pool
You can let us know if there is a particular game you'd like to see added to our site by clicking here and sending us a quick email, and don't forget to subscribe to us, whilst you're there.  Keep yourself posted of all new content, including fresh news stories, funny pictures & videos (by Matt "Jelly Belly" Goodson), Quick Scopes by Enigma Gee (updated weekly), upcoming and new competitions and new games in our Games Section.

Vote for your favourite game on the right, this will help us decide on what to keep, and what to ditch!

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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hamster gets behind the wheel!!!

Willow and Fran

Hamster gets behind the wheel!!!

Have you ever lost your hamster?  Or the sneaky little rodent, has escaped, and you've had to re-arrange your house and move everything to find the pesky little critter?!!

Trying to find it, is like searching for a needle in a haystack!

Imagine if your tiny pet, escaped inside your car, just as you'd bought it!

That's what happened to Fran Elkington, after she decided to buy one!
As she was driving home from the pet shop, the escape artist called "Willow" decided to get behind the wheel of the car, literally!

It took five days, three mechanics, 90 minutes of removing seats, back panels and even doors to find her pet hamster, which was eventually found nestled between the back seats and engine of Fran's VW Beetle!

Fran's VW being stripped out!
The biology student from Letchworth, Herts, tried everything to convince Willow to come on out, even trying a humane trap.  But after 5 days, enough was enough, so in came the "dismantlers."
Fran says: "I tried everything to get her, but after five days, drastic action was needed.  I didn't want Willow to starve or ruin the car.  Its a girly thing to go to a garage with, but she was too clever for me!"

The mechanics were so amused by the whole saga, that they eventually waived the £300 bill! That was decent of them! Should have got an MOT while you was there as well!
Mechanic Graham Day said "Willow didn't try to run away, she just sat there blinking!"

Maybe Fran should have renamed her hamster "Houdini" instead!

Willow joins a long line of hamster escapee's, including "Bob" the hamster, who in 2004 also escaped inside the car it was travelling in.  Eventually being found by the AA behind the dashboard of the car!  You can read this story at CBBC by clicking here.

And here's some hamster jokes for you!!!

Where do hamsters come from?.......................................Hamsterdam of course!!!

Bought my girlfriend a new coat made from hamster fur, problem was, when we went to Blackpool she wouldn't get off the Big Wheel!

A man takes his hamster to the vets and after a quick look at the creature, the vet says: "Yes it's definitely dead sir."  Not convinced the man asks for a second opinion.  The vet gives a whistle, and in strolls a Labrador dog, the dog nudges the hamster with it's nose, sniffs it a couple of times then shakes it's head!  "There you go" says the vet "It's dead."  Not happy with the second opinion, the man asks for a third opinion.  The vet opens the back door, and in walks a cat, the cat takes a look at the hamster, paws it a couple of times, looks up and shakes it's head.  The vet says: "There you go sir, are you convinced now?"  The man eventually concedes, the hamster is dead.
"How much do I owe you" enquires the man, the vets says: "£1000 pounds sir." The man fumes: "HOW MUCH? £1000 pounds to tell me the hamster is dead?"  Vet says: "That's the cost for my diagnosis, the lab report and cat scan!"

Cute & Funny Hamster Pics


Hamster Videos

Credits and thanks to YouTube user "dombpsycho"

Credits and thanks to YouTube user "ricorenaultf1"

Credits and thanks to YouTube user "americangreetings"


Wikipedia (Harry Houdini)
Videos can be seen on YouTube by clicking on the video player and links to users.

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Chicken Nugget sells for £5K

Chicken nugget going, going, gone for £5k!

Housewife Rebekah Speight from Dakota City, Nebraska sold a chicken mcnugget on Ebay for a laugh and sold it for £5,145 ($8,100)

The nugget was part of a meal, purchased by the family at their local McDonalds, and was left uneaten by the children.  It originally cost 99cents, but after receiving 44,795 views and having 1,610 people actively watching it being auctioned on the internet's selling giant it was eventually going going gone for a cool five grand!

The nugget was sold after being kept frozen for three years and was eventually bought by an unknown bidder beating 70 others.

The reason why it sold for so resembled the former United States president George Washington.

Rebekah says that after clearing up at the restaurant, she noticed the deep fried snack and began to laugh.  Taking it home to show her husband the hysterical find, they would then show it to their family and friends who came to visit. It became a "show and tell" item!

The nugget was sold to raise money for sending 50 children to summer church camp in Sioux City, and Tricia Yanney, minister for the Sioux City Family Worship Center says "God works in unbelievable ways and God put it in her heart to do this."

I've got to give credit to Rebekah for firstly spotting the face on the nugget, credit for keeping it in her freezer for 3 years without it turning into a shriveled mess, and a massive WELL DONE for selling it to someone who was clearly "nah nah nah nah nahhhhhh......Loving It"

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Weird, Wacky & Worldwide News: Website undergoing Maintenance

Weird, Wacky & Worldwide News: Website undergoing Maintenance: Hi everyone, just a quick note from Weird, Wacky & Worldwide News about our website. The site is currently undergoing maintenance, and as...

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Win an Apple iPad Competition

Hi, everyone.........just a quick reminder from Weird, Wacky & Worldwide News, if you wish to enter our fantastic competition to win yourself an Apple iPad, please go to our website and enter your email address into our competition page.

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Website undergoing Maintenance

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The site is currently undergoing maintenance, and as a consequence, new content, including news, videos etc cannot be published until our servers are updated.

We will try to get this sorted as quickly as possible and apologise for this.

All current content is still working and the site is fully operable by users, including our great competition to win an Apple iPad, so enter this quick!!!

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Monday, 26 March 2012

Do you fancy getting your hands on an Apple iPad for FREE?

Do you want the chance to WIN a new Apple iPad?

That's probably a silly question, unless you have no idea what the Apple iPad is!

The new Apple you want one for FREE?
Oh yes, here at Weird, Wacky & Worldwide News, it just gets better!
We have a fantastic brand new Apple iPad up for grabs.
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The new Apple iPad has some superb features, but we're not going to bore you to tears with all the technical garble!  But a quick look at this new tablet featuring stunning Retina display (that's sharp screen quality) quick processor with quad core graphics (for super fast apps, games and multi-tasking) and a 5 mega pixel iSight camera producing 1080p HD video and stills will have you panting for more!

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Quick Scopes by Enigma Gee

Weird, Wacky & Worldwide News' website welcomes our new astrologer "Enigma Gee"

Every week you will get your horoscope at a glance including your lucky numbers, which we hope, you will end up winning the lottery with!
Enigma Gee says that in a busy lifestyle that we all lead today, we don't always have time to read our horoscope and absorb all the information that each one provides us with, and more often than not, the reading is a little too "technical" to understand, especially with some of the big tabloid newspapers!
Enigma Gee' Quick Scope (C)
We agree!....  Enigma Gee provides you with a Quick Scope, for the week ahead which includes your lucky numbers.
Your lucky numbers are chosen for each week and then it's up to you how you use them, but here at WWWN, we can think of how we would use them!!!
You can also subscribe to Enigma Gee' Quick Scopes, so you don't miss a week, and the best's FREE!
So if Mr Gee, happens to provide you with the jackpot winning lottery numbers next week, you'll be thinking "I'm glad I subscribed to WWWN"................and you could always give us a shout when the press start knocking on your door!

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