Sunday, 25 March 2012

Quick Scopes by Enigma Gee

Weird, Wacky & Worldwide News' website welcomes our new astrologer "Enigma Gee"

Every week you will get your horoscope at a glance including your lucky numbers, which we hope, you will end up winning the lottery with!
Enigma Gee says that in a busy lifestyle that we all lead today, we don't always have time to read our horoscope and absorb all the information that each one provides us with, and more often than not, the reading is a little too "technical" to understand, especially with some of the big tabloid newspapers!
Enigma Gee' Quick Scope (C)
We agree!....  Enigma Gee provides you with a Quick Scope, for the week ahead which includes your lucky numbers.
Your lucky numbers are chosen for each week and then it's up to you how you use them, but here at WWWN, we can think of how we would use them!!!
You can also subscribe to Enigma Gee' Quick Scopes, so you don't miss a week, and the best's FREE!
So if Mr Gee, happens to provide you with the jackpot winning lottery numbers next week, you'll be thinking "I'm glad I subscribed to WWWN"................and you could always give us a shout when the press start knocking on your door!

Keep posted with WWWN!

Come visit our new website, with news, funny vids and pics, and NOW your Quick Scope!
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