Thursday, 29 March 2012

Chicken Nugget sells for £5K

Chicken nugget going, going, gone for £5k!

Housewife Rebekah Speight from Dakota City, Nebraska sold a chicken mcnugget on Ebay for a laugh and sold it for £5,145 ($8,100)

The nugget was part of a meal, purchased by the family at their local McDonalds, and was left uneaten by the children.  It originally cost 99cents, but after receiving 44,795 views and having 1,610 people actively watching it being auctioned on the internet's selling giant it was eventually going going gone for a cool five grand!

The nugget was sold after being kept frozen for three years and was eventually bought by an unknown bidder beating 70 others.

The reason why it sold for so resembled the former United States president George Washington.

Rebekah says that after clearing up at the restaurant, she noticed the deep fried snack and began to laugh.  Taking it home to show her husband the hysterical find, they would then show it to their family and friends who came to visit. It became a "show and tell" item!

The nugget was sold to raise money for sending 50 children to summer church camp in Sioux City, and Tricia Yanney, minister for the Sioux City Family Worship Center says "God works in unbelievable ways and God put it in her heart to do this."

I've got to give credit to Rebekah for firstly spotting the face on the nugget, credit for keeping it in her freezer for 3 years without it turning into a shriveled mess, and a massive WELL DONE for selling it to someone who was clearly "nah nah nah nah nahhhhhh......Loving It"

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