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Hamster gets behind the wheel!!!

Willow and Fran

Hamster gets behind the wheel!!!

Have you ever lost your hamster?  Or the sneaky little rodent, has escaped, and you've had to re-arrange your house and move everything to find the pesky little critter?!!

Trying to find it, is like searching for a needle in a haystack!

Imagine if your tiny pet, escaped inside your car, just as you'd bought it!

That's what happened to Fran Elkington, after she decided to buy one!
As she was driving home from the pet shop, the escape artist called "Willow" decided to get behind the wheel of the car, literally!

It took five days, three mechanics, 90 minutes of removing seats, back panels and even doors to find her pet hamster, which was eventually found nestled between the back seats and engine of Fran's VW Beetle!

Fran's VW being stripped out!
The biology student from Letchworth, Herts, tried everything to convince Willow to come on out, even trying a humane trap.  But after 5 days, enough was enough, so in came the "dismantlers."
Fran says: "I tried everything to get her, but after five days, drastic action was needed.  I didn't want Willow to starve or ruin the car.  Its a girly thing to go to a garage with, but she was too clever for me!"

The mechanics were so amused by the whole saga, that they eventually waived the £300 bill! That was decent of them! Should have got an MOT while you was there as well!
Mechanic Graham Day said "Willow didn't try to run away, she just sat there blinking!"

Maybe Fran should have renamed her hamster "Houdini" instead!

Willow joins a long line of hamster escapee's, including "Bob" the hamster, who in 2004 also escaped inside the car it was travelling in.  Eventually being found by the AA behind the dashboard of the car!  You can read this story at CBBC by clicking here.

And here's some hamster jokes for you!!!

Where do hamsters come from?.......................................Hamsterdam of course!!!

Bought my girlfriend a new coat made from hamster fur, problem was, when we went to Blackpool she wouldn't get off the Big Wheel!

A man takes his hamster to the vets and after a quick look at the creature, the vet says: "Yes it's definitely dead sir."  Not convinced the man asks for a second opinion.  The vet gives a whistle, and in strolls a Labrador dog, the dog nudges the hamster with it's nose, sniffs it a couple of times then shakes it's head!  "There you go" says the vet "It's dead."  Not happy with the second opinion, the man asks for a third opinion.  The vet opens the back door, and in walks a cat, the cat takes a look at the hamster, paws it a couple of times, looks up and shakes it's head.  The vet says: "There you go sir, are you convinced now?"  The man eventually concedes, the hamster is dead.
"How much do I owe you" enquires the man, the vets says: "£1000 pounds sir." The man fumes: "HOW MUCH? £1000 pounds to tell me the hamster is dead?"  Vet says: "That's the cost for my diagnosis, the lab report and cat scan!"

Cute & Funny Hamster Pics


Hamster Videos

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