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They don't make them like this anymore!

Austin 7 Ruby for sale For Sale (1934)
This old Austin 7, needs more than a little restoration!
Currently for Sale on Car and for £1,500!
Imagine leaving your car off the road, for about 50 years, then taking it for a MOT and "lo and behold" its passes!

That is what happened to Alice Day, when her 1938 Austin Seven Ruby, had a little restoration work done to it.

The old car had been off the road for 54 years and, was nearly blown to bits by a Nazi bomb, during World War II, but escaped the bombing raid with it's owner Alice.

Who the **** is Alice, with her Austin 7.

The Austin 7 was produced from 1922 to 1939 and only 290,000 where made.  It has a beefy 747cc engine producing a mind-blowing...........10.5hp and gets from 0 to 20mph in 7 seconds, yawnnnnnn!
Transmission fed by 3 gears including a reverse option, and from 1933, a 4 speed gearbox became available. Wow!

Alice has now handed the car over to her daughter, Jennie Brownsdon after owning it for over 73 years.
It was bought in 1939 for the princely sum of £145.

1937 Austin Seven
This racy little number will set you back £20K

After searching several websites, an Austin Seven Ruby can be purchased any where from £1,500 for the "un-loved" type (top picture) clearly needing some TLC, or a "loved" one, for up to £20,000 for a variant, such as this (pictured right) a 1937 Austin Seven Opal, priced at £19,950 on Classic Cars For

Head on over to British Car and you could buy yourself a 1936 Austin 7 Ruby, restored, with just under 50,000 miles for a guide price of between £4,500 to £5,000.

1936 Austin 7 Ruby
Crash repaired and restored, Austin 7 Ruby £5K

Would love to see what MTV's Pimp My Ride could do with one!

For all you classic car enthusiast's, take a look at the following video's.  Enjoy!

Thanks to autocar for this upload featuring a road test of the Austin 7 by

Credits go to hugozair for this upload of the Cornwall Austin 7 Club

Links:  British Car Auctions
                Classic Cars For Sale
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                 The Pre-War Austin Seven Club
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Friday, 16 March 2012

Asteroid heading our way!!!

Asteroid heading our way!!!

Stories like this will get you thinking about the movies "Deep Impact" or "Armageddon."
But there is no need to worry, because this asteroid heading towards Earth should narrowly miss us!

The 50m (164ft) long asteroid, about half the length of a football pitch, was spotted last month by a team operating from Granada in Spain.

The large space rock known as, 2012 DA14 is due around February 15th 2013, but will whizz past our planet at a distance of "just" 14,500 miles (24,000km), which apparently is closer than orbiting satellites! To give you an idea, it is 11,601 miles from the UK to New Zealand so this rock is pretty close, he say's!
Surely it should be called 2013 DA14 if its due next year?!

If the asteroid, with enough power to equal that of an hydrogen bomb, enters our atmosphere and explodes, it could potentially destroy an area the size of Greater London!
Glad I live in Essex!

Nasa's Near Earth Object Program says the asteroid will be invisible to the naked eye, but could be seen by binoculars or telescope.
I'm sure we will see it, if it enters our atmosphere!

A system being developed by the La Sagra Sky Survey (SSA), using automated optical telescopes to detect asteroids like this one, is now in use, with the goal of spotting them at least 3 weeks before closest approach to Earth.  Should give us all time, to dig a nice hole to hibernate in!

Armageddon Movie Trailer

Credits and thanks to YouTube user "daneimp" for the upload.

Deep Impact Movie Trailer

Credits and thanks to YouTube user "Nysguy2003" for the upload

Aerosmith "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" Music Video

Credits and thanks to YouTube user "lisachii" for the upload

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More from "Cassetteboy" & Masterchef Mash Up's!

Those of you that like "Harry Potter" will love this mash up created by Cassetteboy, it is advised that you only watch if you are over 18 years of age.

Thanks and credits to YouTube user cassetteboy for this spin on Mr Potter!
Original upload can be seen at

This next video which was uploaded by YouTube user "itv2official" is a mash up of The Only Way is Essex, originally created by cassetteboy, therefore thanks and credits go to cassetteboy and itv2official for this upload.
Original upload located at

2012 MasterChef Champion.
On the theme of MasterChef, I have found 2 videos on YouTube which are extremely funny. I thought I would put these in, since the final which was televised last night.
Congratulations to Shelina Permalloo pictured on the right, who was crowned the over all winner of MasterChef 2012.
The following video is a "mash up" of "The MasterChef Final 2010" and the second upload, a superb mash up with a techno track, you gotta watch these!

The Finalists who love their biscuit base!!!

The Masterchef Final 2010
Original upload can be seen at
Full credits and thanks to YouTube user "jamesmillers54"

Masterchef Synesthesia - Swede Mason
Original upload on YouTube at
A big thanks to YouTube user "swedemason" for this excellent mix of video and music that reminds me of acid music and the crazy frog for some reason! Genius!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Morrocan Law Allows Rape!

The North African country of Morroco is under increasing pressure to change part of it's judicial system from protesters, after a young girl of 16, commited suicide after being forced to marry her rapist!

Amina Filali killed herself using rat poison, because she could no longer bear being married to her "husband" who had repeatedly beaten her during their 5 month marriage.  A claim made by the young teenager before her death, to her own mother.

According to an interview with the girls father, Amina was approached when she was only 15 and raped, but did not tell anyone until 2 months later.
When the case went to court, the judge, instead of imprisoning the man for between 10 to 20 years (sentence guidelines for rape of a minor), pushed for them to become man and wife!
The rapist initially did not want to marry the girl, and only changed his mind when he was threatened with  prosecution.

Article 475 of the Islamic penal code allows a "kidnapper" of a minor to marry his victim to escape prosecution and is being used to justify a "traditional practice" of forcing the rapist into wedlock to preserve the "honour" of the family!

United in protest over women's treatment
Abdelaziz Nouaydi, representing the Adala Association for Legal Reform says, a judge can recommend marriage, only when the victim and both families agree upon it.
The main reason why this is allowed? Because the victims honour has been "stained" by losing her virginity outside of marriage! Allowing the rapist to marry his victim "restores" the honour.  There is fear that when a daughter has been raped, that she will no longer be able to find a suitable husband, and this is why the parties involved tend to agree on the unification, to avoid the dishonor and prosecution.

Suffering in silence
According to Morroco's Islamic law, the burden of proving that a woman, has been a victim of rape, lays squarely on her shoulders.

If this cannot be proved, she risks being prosecuted for debauchery, and by definition this means she has "an excessive indulgence in sex" and could face court!

An end to these sham marriages have been called for, and protester's have started a petition on Facebook called "We Are All Amina Filali."
Fouzia Assouli, president of the Democratic League for Women's Rights said: "It is unfortunately a recurring phenomenon, we have been asking for years, for the cancellation of the penal code, which allows rapists to escape justice."

A similar case from last year saw a
 woman in Afghanistan, jailed for "adultery by force" after she was brutally raped and left pregnant by her husband's cousin.  A worldwide outrage caused the president of Afghanistan to release her from Kabul's Badam Bagh jail.
The attacker was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment.
No where near long enough if you ask me!