Saturday, 17 March 2012

They don't make them like this anymore!

Austin 7 Ruby for sale For Sale (1934)
This old Austin 7, needs more than a little restoration!
Currently for Sale on Car and for £1,500!
Imagine leaving your car off the road, for about 50 years, then taking it for a MOT and "lo and behold" its passes!

That is what happened to Alice Day, when her 1938 Austin Seven Ruby, had a little restoration work done to it.

The old car had been off the road for 54 years and, was nearly blown to bits by a Nazi bomb, during World War II, but escaped the bombing raid with it's owner Alice.

Who the **** is Alice, with her Austin 7.

The Austin 7 was produced from 1922 to 1939 and only 290,000 where made.  It has a beefy 747cc engine producing a mind-blowing...........10.5hp and gets from 0 to 20mph in 7 seconds, yawnnnnnn!
Transmission fed by 3 gears including a reverse option, and from 1933, a 4 speed gearbox became available. Wow!

Alice has now handed the car over to her daughter, Jennie Brownsdon after owning it for over 73 years.
It was bought in 1939 for the princely sum of £145.

1937 Austin Seven
This racy little number will set you back £20K

After searching several websites, an Austin Seven Ruby can be purchased any where from £1,500 for the "un-loved" type (top picture) clearly needing some TLC, or a "loved" one, for up to £20,000 for a variant, such as this (pictured right) a 1937 Austin Seven Opal, priced at £19,950 on Classic Cars For

Head on over to British Car and you could buy yourself a 1936 Austin 7 Ruby, restored, with just under 50,000 miles for a guide price of between £4,500 to £5,000.

1936 Austin 7 Ruby
Crash repaired and restored, Austin 7 Ruby £5K

Would love to see what MTV's Pimp My Ride could do with one!

For all you classic car enthusiast's, take a look at the following video's.  Enjoy!

Thanks to autocar for this upload featuring a road test of the Austin 7 by

Credits go to hugozair for this upload of the Cornwall Austin 7 Club

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