Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A "Shocking" Story!!!

Having a cardiac arrest is not very pleasant (I should imagine), but suffering from two of them from a machine that is designed to regulate your heart is worrying.

Mirren has now made a full recovery.
Mirren Terry, a 14 year old girl from Leyland in Lancashire, United Kingdom was given an implant, known as an "Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD)" at the age of 10, after she suffered from a heart attack.
However the device which detects irregular heart beats or cardiac dysrhythmia and delivers a jolt of electricity to try and correct it, went wrong and delivered a shock of electric 40 times, causing Mirren to have two cardiac arrests.
She miraculously survived and made a full recovery!

Mirren explains that she felt a pain in her chest and her mum thought she was suffering from indigestion.  However a noise being emitted from the device, which sounded like a lorry in reverse started to go off, then began delivering shocks to the girls heart over and over again.
The lucky 14 year old was taken to Royal Preston's Hospital and from there, transferred to Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool, where her condition was stabilised and the ICD deactivated by doctors.
X ray image shows the implant and wiring.

A typical ICD.

Mirren has now joined forces with Nick Hartshorne-Evans, who set-up "Pumping Marvellous", a dedicated website to other people who, have suffered with heart failures and carer's alike, and has also created an affiliated website called "Heart Stars", designed to help young people between the age's of 10 and 18 who, have also suffered from heart problems.

Both links can be found at  and 

Nick Hartshorne-Evans, founder of Pumping Marvellous, created the website after suffering from heart failure, caused by swine-flu and says "Mirren is an inspiration in the way she has reacted following a significant event in her life"
Mirrens website is designed to increase awareness of heart health, through having fun, eating well and taking regular exercise, and by changing the perception that heart problems, don't just affect elderly people, but the young and teenagers.

Its "shocking" to learn that these devices, designed to save your life CAN develop faults, the following link at explains a lawsuit brought on Medtronic Inc due to battery problems, which set the company back to the tune of $114 million of which $95 million was received by plaintiffs in damages.
Maybe someone should seek out some legal advice!


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