Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Call of Nature "Answered"

X marks the spot!
I can think of many other area's that need a "public convenience" and considering the UK were once the "envy" of the world for public toilets, it's amazing to hear that one is being built on an uninhabited island (yes, nobody lives there), just off the coast of north-west Scotland!
This map will need updating with the sign WC!

Bird watchers and nature lovers will be able to spend a penny, once the £50,000 loo has been installed.
Yes £50,000......for the sake of 6,000 visitors per year!

Question is....what did they do before the intended installation?
Actually don't answer that!

The eco-friendly toilet is being funded by the Scottish Government, Highland Council and various private sources.

It will feature a turf roof (where have I seen one of those before!!!) and will have "eco-friendly" cleaning products.
With no water and electricity the convenience will have a composting system, so after every use, sawdust will be used to replace conventional flushing!  This will be cleaned out every 2 years.  Phil Knott, a ranger on the island says "there will be no pollution from this toilet, just compost" (YUK)
I wouldn't want to buy that from B and Q thank you very much!

The island of Handa (just off the coast of Sutherland in Scotland) attracts over 100,000 seabirds including puffins, fulmars and razorbills, pictured here for those that don't know what they look like:
Fulmar in flight
(Razorbill) "I made one this big I did!"

(Puffin) Happy Feet after hearing about the new toilet!
Seals and otters can also be seen from the remote island which is manned by volunteers in the summer.  

The toilet will be built by the end of the week by 5 men, and will overlook the beach (lovely view whilst you ermmmm do your doings!)    

Weird and Wacky Toilet Signs!

Did you know there is actually a British Toilet Association! who campaign for better toilets! at http://www.britloos.co.uk/

AND you can nominate your "best" toilet (this is getting ridiculous now) at http://www.loo.co.uk/
for 2012 should you feel inclined to register your vote!!!

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