Thursday, 26 April 2012

Lucky to be alive!

Steven with his angel Dr Piper!

A young man declared dead four times by doctors, defied the odds by surviving a car crash that left 21 year old Steven Thorpe with serious injuries to his face, left arm and needing brain surgery.

Steven's parents begged medics not to turn off the young lads life support machine, even after doctors at the University Hospital in Coventry declared young Steven brain dead!

Mr Thorpe, a trainee accountant from Kenilworth, Warwickshire, United Kingdom was woken from a medically induced coma, after two weeks and was eventually discharged from hospital after a further five weeks.

The doctors in charge of Steven's care, had even asked the parents whether they should consider organ donation.  However after pleading with the hospital to reconsider switching off their son's life support machine, the parents decided to bring in a private doctor for another opinion.
Dr "angel" Piper
Dr Julia Piper, was called upon, and after asking a neurologist to examine Mr Thorpe, they discovered that Steven's brain had very faint brain waves, which could indicate a very slim chance of a recovery.

The young fighter was left in a terrible state, after being involved in a three car crash and a run away horse, which left one person dead and the horse fatally injured.  After having brain surgery, doctors at the hospital told the parents that Steven would never recover!  Thank god the parents never gave up hope!

Before and after.  Steven Thorpe continues to recover
from his accident.
The lucky lad, has since had physiotherapy on his arm and four operations to his face, including an operation to rebuild his nose and have an artificial eye socket made.  Steven said: "Hopefully, it can help people see that you should never give up.  I've had so much positive feedback about it.  My father believed I was alive, and he was correct."
Dr Julia Piper, based in Leicester said: "It's an inspirational story about never giving up.  He's a remarkable young man and his recovery has been astonishing."

University Hospital in Coventry.
School report says: Need to try harder!
University Hospital Coventry and the Warwickshire NHS trust stated that Mr Thorpe's injuries were critical, and brain scans revealed almost irreversible damage.
The trust added: "It is extremely rare a patient with such extensive trauma to the brain should survive."

Mr Thorpe said: "As far as I am concerned, living is a full recovery.  From how I was, to how I am now, I think it's a miracle."

What an extremely lucky, plucky and modest young man you are!
You survived the odds, and if it wasn't for your parents, Dr Piper and your will to live, this could have been another sad story.
The University Hospital in Coventry, should seriously take a look at it's approach to other patient's care and raise the bar.  Credit to Dr Piper for her expertise and identifying that Steven had a chance of recovery.  EVERY patient should receive that type of care and consideration.  

Maybe Dr Piper should run the NHS!

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