Sunday, 22 April 2012

More Money Than Sense survey results!

We conducted a survey during March and April 2012, and would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who selected their answers and took part in the survey, which was based around a young business man, who had spent the best part of £200,000 for a round of drinks at a top London venue.

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We asked in the survey what you would do with £200,000?
The answers were:  Buy a sports car
                             Give the money to charity
                             Buy a house
                             Take a long holiday
                        or: Buy a round of drinks!

We found most of our participants would buy a house and take a long holiday, followed closely by with a sports car and surprisingly a round of drinks.
Only 5% of participants would give any money to charity!

Results were: Sports car = 20%
                    Charity     = 5%
                    House      = 30%
                    Holiday    = 30%
                    Drinks      = 15%

Thanks again for taking part in our "More Money Than Sense" survey, and look forward to our next survey coming soon.

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