Friday, 4 May 2012

Bad Bad Bear!

Winnie the pooh and Yogi bear would be proud of this naughty bear in Switzerland, who steals food rather than go hunting for it!
Stealing food isn’t the only crime this naughty bear gets up to either!

M13 pictured in the wild.

The bear’s name: M13 (appropriately named by experts!) has been blamed for raiding bins, making off with beehives, pulling apart a snowmobile, killing a goat and last week used an electrical pylon as a back scratcher which caused a forest fire!

The young brown bear has been causing problems for some time now and hasn’t stayed out of the news since he woke from his winter sleep.  The brown bear shows little fear towards humans however, it seems that M13 may now be in a life threatening state, after it appears he may have been hit by a train between Scuol and Klosters, Switzerland L
M13 was tagged with a microchip around 2 weeks ago after Wildlife officials sought to retrain the bad bear, after he had been caught wandering through the region without any signs of fear to humans.  The ‘rehabilitation programme’ which involves shooting non-lethal ammunition at the bear to frighten it away by gamekeepers has been used in the past, but unfortunately was unsuccessful on a previous bear (JJ3) and, eventually lead to the bear being shot and killed back in 2008.

M13's brother M14!

It is believed that M13 is now hurt after the train incident and hiding inside a cave.

It comes after the bear’s brother M14 was hit by a car in Italy last month and died!

Bear plays with it's raggy doll!
It is sad to hear that the fate of this bear may end up with it either being shot or dying from its injuries, but we have to remember that these are wild bears which, can attack and seriously injure anyone.

It is good to learn that the SwissEnvironment Ministry take these bears seriously though, and have management programmes in place to protect and manage them.
Let us hope that M13 is ok though and that the Wildlife officials get to him soon.

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