Saturday, 10 March 2012

Return of the Living Dead!

Medical negligence might not be the first thing on your mind, if after 3 days of laying in the morgue, you suddenly woke up to find pathologists about to perform an autopsy on you!

Mum of two, Lyudmila Steblitskaya (easy for you to say) was pronounced dead by doctors in Moscow, after suffering from a stroke 3 days earlier.

Mortuary staff where just about to prepare her body for the post mortem, when they noticed she was breathing!

Nil by mouth!

The 60 year old woman is now recovering in hospital and said "It looks like I was just unconscious for all those days"

This mirrors a similar story of a man who also "returned from the dead" in July 2011.
The man who did not want to be identified, woke up inside a mortuary fridge screaming!

Sizwe Kupelo, spokesman for the Eastern Cape Health Department in South Africa said the man, also in his 60s, lost consciousness after having an asthma attack, but his family presuming he was dead, rang for a private mortuary company to collect his body, rather than paramedics.

Staff at the mortuary had the fright of their lives, when the "dead man" woke up shouting and screaming. Scary!

Six hours later the man was declared stable and sent home!

My Comments:

Freaky......imagine the look on the morgue's staff face's.
The question of life after death HAS been answered, thank you and goodnight!
I think I'll watch that zombie flick now!

Thanks to "horrorfanxy" for the original upload of this trailer "The Return of the Living Dead"

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