Thursday, 8 March 2012

Man locked up most of his life for being disabled!

A 23 year old man in Guangxi, China is locked up in a small cage, and has spent the best part of his life inside it since the age of 2. 

 Wei Yun who is mentally disabled was allowed to crawl around his family home as a child, but almost died when he knocked a pan of boiling water all over himself.  Since then his family has kept him locked up like a caged dog!

Wei Yun in his wooden cage.

Wei Yun is unable to speak or walk and the family say they are forced to keep their mentally disabled son locked up when ever they go to work.  The stepmother who works in rice fields, and does other odd jobs to support the family regularly runs back home to check on her step son and help him go to the toilet and so on.  A neighbour says "it's a hard choice for her as she has to take care of him, but also has to work in the fields"

This case in southern China, is typical due to a lack of state care for disabled people, forcing carers to work whilst trying to look after their families.

Thousands of people in Hong Kong live in degrading conditions because they simply cannot afford a room.  Cages measuring 6ft by 2 and half foot are used to home many impoverished chinese.

People living in cages

My Comments:

I thought only dogs lived in cages or kennels.  This is absolutely disgusting and China should feel ashamed that they allow people to live like this.  China has the highest population in the world standing at 1 billion 347 million 350 thousand inhabitants and accounts for nearly 20% of the worlds population! I'm sure there is room for some more chippies over here!

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