Friday, 9 March 2012

I thought Postman Pat liked cats!!!

Good old Pat with his faithful pussy!

Why would anyone want to hurt an animal? Why would anyone want to hurt a cat, considering postman pat has been delivering enchanting entertainment, to children all around the world for over 27 years, you would think Royal Mail would tell their "posties" to display proper and right conduct.

Typical hoody!

Not so it seems for one miserable mail man, who was jailed for 6 months for repeatedly hurting a cat so badly it died from "horrific internal injuries".  Sentencing him to jail, magistrate Ian Bacon told him "we don't believe your version of events", after the 38 year old animal killer tried to say that he found the cat inside his box and tried shooing it away.

Alan Vincent a postman for 9 years, took a dislike to the 14 year old puss puss called Tiddy, and bashed the cat with his mail trolley, eventually throwing it over a hedge.
Horrified neighbours witnessed Mr Vincent carrying out the attack and confronted him, before another neighbour dialled 999 to report him.  He told the ranting neighbours to f*** off and this was heard on the emergency services recording, which was played in court.  Mr Vincent then casually went about his job, delivering the mail!

Vincent from Feltham, Middlesex, UK has since been fired from his job and become a single 38 year old, hoody wearing convict, after his partner left him!

The cat owner, Ms Hartridge was informed by neighbours of the cruel battering and rushed home to check on her cats, realising one was missing, she eventually found Tiddy, and rushed her to a veterinary hospital but died from her injuries.

Speaking after the verdict at Reading Magistrates Court, Ms Hartridge's partner Stephen Hughes said "Justice has been done, but it won't bring back Tiddy.  What this man did was cruel and disgusting, I hope he has time to think in his cell"

My comments:

Was it worth it?
"So mate, what you doing time for?"
"ermmm, battering a frail old cat"
How old are you........6 months in my opinion is too short, you should be made to wear a hat when you come out saying I'm the Cat Killer of Feltham please kick me up the jacksy!
Lets hope when he comes out of prison, he doesn't think of applying for work at Battersea Cats and Dogs! Nasty little man!


  1. I used to know this cat killer. Was mates with him up until the mid 90's.

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    3. I went on an around the world trip and when I returned I just went my own way. I think when we were friends I was a good influence on him. I'd like to think his best days were hanging out with me. I have great photos of us together.

    4. Would you like to share the photos?


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