Monday, 19 March 2012

McAngry Burger with Cheese Please!

I think we all get sick of hearing the latest "bad news" about foods that cause health problems.
The Big Mac mmm might soon be called the Angry Mac!
If most of us took ALL the advice we are given about drinking and eating, we probably wouldn't eat or drink a thing!

Well it seem's the latest to come out of scientist's mouths, is about junk food making people angry!
I nearly said hungry then!  Maybe that's what they where talking about instead!  Junk food actually makes people hungry!

Moving on.....a study of 945 men and women showed that there was a "definite" link between people who ate a lot of fatty foods and aggression.
This study was conducted in the U.S!

Angered by the lack of salad on her McChikkety
A report compiled by Dr Beatrice Golomb, from the University of California says that they found people who ate greater amounts of dietary trans-fatty acids (dTFAs) were more likely to become more aggressive and irritable.
Prisons and schools have now been advised to look at their menus and ensure diets do not play a part in aggressive behaviour.

The tranny fats, which are also found in things like margarine and lards or shortenings, including vegetable oils, are also linked with high cholesterol, cardiac problems, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, liver dysfunction, infertility in women and depression.

Burger King insist you have it your way!
Scientists have recommended that eating prepared and processed foods with high levels of these fats are kept to an absolute minimum.

Now I have been doing a little research myself, and it would seem that one of the main reasons why there are so many of these "bad" fats around, especially in fast food, is because of cost.
Many fast food chains will use these type of oils to fry their food in, because they last longer, and don't go "off" for a long time, giving longer shelf life and increasing their profit margins.
Therefore, it should be up to our governments to insist that ALL fast food restaurants, use oils that are "better" for us.  Then we can eat all we like, lovely!!!!
At least until they think of something else that will kill us.

I'm really hungry now!
I wonder whether driving whilst eating a burger could give you road rage!!!  Maybe they should conduct a study on that.

Can you believe Burger King actually created an Angry Whopper!!!
Credits to "mitchelcollins" for the upload

The McDonalds Drive Thru song, created by todrickhall.  This guy is clearly nah nah nah nah nahhhhhhhh Loving It!
Credits to todrickhall

University of California
McDonalds shame they still don't do home delivery!
Burger King click on this and have it YOUR way!

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