Tuesday, 20 March 2012

"Last Stop" FOREVER!

"Last Stop" FOREVER!

We all dream of winning the lottery.

I've had many conversations with people, about what I would do if I won a huge amount of money on say.....the EuroMillions.  Like, buy the company I work for and sort out everyone I don't like!

Lady Luck, looked down on 12 bus drivers and decided to make them all triple millionaires!
Each driver winning a share of Fridays (16th March 2012) triple rollover, £38 million pound  jackpot, organised by a syndicate at their workplace of Stagecoach Buses in Northamptonshire.

The winners from Corby, Northamptonshire, have not yet been confirmed by the lottery organiser Camelot, however some of the drivers were named locally as Stephen Derrick, Charlie Gillion, Ally Spence, Charlie Connor, Christopher Smith, David Mead, Alex Robertson, Gary Symington and John Noakes.

Mr Noakes who was driving his bus, during mid shift, found out of his massive win and told all his passengers "LAST STOP" ordering them off the bus and telling them he wasn't going any farther!
All the other drivers where ringing their garage, and informing them, that they wouldn't be coming into work.

Mr Mead, the syndicate organiser, threw a party to celebrate their win.
I wasn't invited :(

So a massive congratulations to all those drivers who, no longer need to get up at 3 in the morning for the first bus, or get home at 3am because of the last bus!  Well done to all of you!

The jackpot of £38,034,640 will be shared by 12 lucky "ex" bus drivers! = £3,169,553 and 33 pence each! Stagecoach commented that they have yet, not received any resignations.....don't worry......you WILL very soon!
The lucky numbers were: 03, 04, 12, 23, 50 including the lucky stars of 04 and 07
I was going to use them numbers :(

A statement made by Mr Connor said "I'm glad I won this as part of a syndicate" and that he had been working "horrendous" 14 hour days forStagecoach to make ends meet!
He plans to "splash out" on a new car, although it will be an ordinary "run-a-round" join a golf course, and will be going back to school to learn a new language.

Charlie Gillion was already planning on retiring later this year, while colleague David Mead told relatives he had already quit his job atStagecoach.

Mr Noakes says he will be buying his wife Jean, whatever she wants and will be swapping his Nissan Primera for an Aston Martin (this guy has class)!

The drivers stated that they had been playing the syndicate for almost 3 years and considered giving it up, because they were having no luck.  Thankfully they came good with the win, 6 months after contemplating leaving the "lucky dozen!"

One driver actually pulled out of the syndicate just before the mega win, but was replaced by another.  That driver must be cursing the heavens right now!

Well done lads............you can cancel your union subscriptions now!

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  1. i can think of better ways to spend 3 mil!

  2. saw this on TV, you shudda seen the stagecoach manager, he was proper pissed off at their win lol


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