Friday, 23 March 2012

The Lizard Comes First!

The Lizard Comes First!

Pets are as much as family, as children are!  When our pet dog or cat is ill or injured, we worry and take them straight down to the vets, cost becomes secondary to the health and welfare of our beloved pets.

Animals can't tell us what is wrong with them, so we rely on the judgment and expertise of our vets to make sure our best friend, or furry feline or even a scaly lizard have the best possible treatment to make sure they get better quickly.

Lizzie Griffiths from Purley, South London is one of those pet owners, who would simply do what ever it takes to make certain her pet lizard "George" gets better, after vets discovered a tumour on the Australian Lizard's face.

So much so, that her wedding to her "intended" had to be cancelled!

Lizzie has spent so much money on George, through treatment involving chemotherapy, that they can no longer afford to get "hitched".

The dedicated "Pogona" owner (that's the technical name for these pre-historic looking creatures) has spent over £3,000 so far, on vets bills.  The chemotherapy sessions, which have proved to be successful , are also the first to be carried out on a bearded lady, sorry I mean dragon, bearded dragon..... in Britain!

The primary school teacher adopted George from a rescue centre last year, but soon realised that the reptile was "very poorly" and rather than have the little omnivore (that's something that eats plants and animal "material") put to sleep, she opted to spend all of her savings on getting George the Dragon better!  Lizzie says "If you love someone enough, you support them through whatever they need, and (her intended hubbie) Chris, knows how much I love George.  The wedding is the last of our thoughts at the moment, we can't possibly afford it."

Lizzie's fiance, Chris Fisher said "It's me or the lizard".....only joking!!!!  Mr Fisher says that Lizzie and George have a special bond, and that whenever George sits on him, he just wriggles about, but when Lizzie is holding him, he sits still and remains quite calm, almost like he knows she saved him!

Miss Griffiths goes on to say "Chris and I, share a passion for dinosaurs, we're both obsessed and it's like having one in your front room.  When I first saw George at the rescue centre I just fell in love with him.  I knew I would give him everything I could, I would spend every amount of money I could, on him." 

Now that is real dedication and love, but didn't they ever consider pet insurance??!!

Oh well........just a thought!

Out of curiosity, because that's what we're like here at WWWN, we got a quote from ExoticDirect (an exotic pet insurer) and they quoted us just over £106 for insurance on a pet lizard per year.

You could have saved yourself over £2900........and then the wedding could have gone ahead!!!

Never mind!

What do you call a blind dinosaur?.................. Do U Think He Saw Us!!! Latin name = Doyafinkhesaurus OMG!
How do frogs die?.............................................They Kermit suicide!!!!
What do you call a lesbian dinosaur?...............LickalottaPuss!!! It gets worse!!!

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Lizard Vids!

Credits and thanks to YouTube users "ThatSpecialGuy" and "DesignerDragons" for each of their uploads.  The Feeding Bearded Dragon Hatchlings video might make you itchy!!! ENJOY!!!

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