Thursday, 22 March 2012

Its a Game of Cat & Mouse!

Its a Game of Cat & Mouse!

I used to love all the cartoons when I was a little lad! I still do :)

Tom and Jerry, where by far, one of the most recognised of cartoons.

Seems that most cartoons have revolved around a mouse in some way or other, and has probably led most of us to ask our parents, if we could have one of the little cute rodent pets!

The likes of Mickey & Minnie MouseDanger MouseStewart Little (ok not a cartoon!) Mighty MouseSpeedy Gonzales (andale, andale, arriba, arriba!) and of course Jerry, created by the famous duo Hanna & Barbera, are all famous little mice!

This story about a wood mouse, taking on the might of his nemesis "The Cat" who incidentally is called Tom, is a real-life echo of the cartoons.

Stephanie Evans from Reigate, Surrey found her cat "Tom" with a mouse inside its mouth.  A normal pastime for any feline, who would normally play around with their prey, until scoffing it down and enjoying a tasty little snack!

However, Tom, let the little brave mouse out of his jaws of death, and the Mighty Mouse refused to play ball! During a ten minute stand off between the pair, the mouse eventually scuttled off under a fence, but not before giving his "tom"entor a little smack across the pussy cat's nose!

Stephanie says "he put the mouse down and instead of running away, the mouse just confronted him.  Tom was so shocked he just stood there.  They ended up playing in the garden together for ages."

Stephanie managed to get a great photo of the pair and said "I have honestly never seen anything like it.  It was very comical but definitely not normal".  She went on to describe her cat, as "incredibly submissive and gentle" and saying that the gutsy mouse eventually left, scurrying underneath a shed, before scooting off under a fence and hiding in a neighbours greenhouse!

And in a scene that probably mirrors that of a cartoon, the mouse was more than likely waiting for Tom, so he could smack a flower pot round his head!

Cat & Mouse Vids!

Thanks and credits to the following YouTube users for these superb uploads:
Tom n Jerry Cartoon by "Mr Takuyamiyata".  Simon's Cat in "Cat & Mouse" by "simonscat".  Real Fire (cat mouse dog) advert 1980s by "atariman1988" and Funny Mouse Nolan Cheese Commercial by "JamesThyCool" (We think the cheese commercial is the best :)

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