Sunday, 1 April 2012

Quick Scopes from Enigma Gee

This week our LUCKY SIGN is Sagittarius...........but our Astrologer, Enigma Gee hopes everyone has a fantastic week ahead, and wins some "dosh" with his lucky number selections, for each and every sign.
Enigma Gee says: "I wish the best of luck to everyone, everyday........but life as a habit of making things hard for us sometimes, and that's why we all need guidance sometimes"

Our Astrologer studies the celestial patterns and tables every day and provides a "Quick Scope" for simplicity to aid people through their everyday lives, and predicts a set of numbers which may bring luck to each and every star sign that he tabulates for.
In addition Enigma Gee says: "The numbers I provide, aren't just for the lottery, but I would like to think that one day, given your lucky numbers, you will win a huge, life changing amount of cash, that would make you happy, but these numbers can also be used to decide whether you choose to live at a particular address, whether you choose to put a bet on a particular horse or dog at a race event, or even a significant date, given the numbers I predict!"
Enigma Gee truly is "enigmatic" in every respect, and that's why he provides us, here at Weird, Wacky & Worldwide News with his fantastic service............come and check out your Quick Scope Enigma Gee says "you have nothing to lose!"

All the best from WWWN
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