Wednesday, 4 April 2012

No Win No Fee No Post!

If it isn't pot holes everywhere its seems that pavements are also being left to "rack & ruin"  by councils.
No win no fee!  The dangerous paving slab which caused
serious injuries to a postman.  Bad slab!
In fact it is that bad on one residential estate in Penkridge, Staffordshire, that the Royal Mail will not deliver mail there, because a postman suffered a "serious accident" tripping over uneven paving slabs!
Postal deliveries to the housing estate, have been suspended for around a month now, causing local residents to travel a 14 mile round trip to the nearest depot, to collect parcels and letters.
Even Royal Mail workers think the ban is stupid, but cannot reinstate deliveries until the uneven and broken pavements are repaired.

It's a war zone down there!
Becky with her last letter from Royal Mail
Becky Prince, one of the estate residents says: "It's ridiculous for Royal Mail to say that it is dangerous to deliver to our houses, I have managed to walk down these pavements, with 3 kids and a buggy without injuring myself, as long as you've got eyes you should be fine!"

So what about anyone with sight impairments or the blind then Becky?  Didn't you think of those people?

Do Royal Mail have the X Factor!
Royal Mail spokeswoman Val Bodden said that they had written to all of the affected customers, apologizing and informing them of the ban and added, that they will not compromise the safety of their employee's.

Another resident on the estate, Debbie Butler says: "Its crazy, it's health and safety gone stark raving bonkers!"

Staffordshire County Council, who technically should be responsible for pavement repairs, say that the pavements on the estate are NOT their responsibility, and maintenance and repairs should be initiated by the residents, and the house building company "Wimpey"

The letters sent from Royal Mail to advise the residents of the suspension to postal deliveries, were ironically hand delivered by a postman!

Is it health and safety gone mad?  Surely Royal Mail have a duty to their customers and employee's, but suspending deliveries?
Couldn't Royal Mail make their postmen aware of the "risk" and ask them to use caution on the affected pavement?  Surely they have risk assessments!
And on the other hand, why are Staffordshire County Council not prepared to lend an helping hand in putting the paving slabs right?
All sounds like someone is "passing the buck" here and no body is prepared to sort this out.
Maybe Royal Mail could "air drop" the mail in! And maybe the government could privatise our pavements as well, and toll charges could be passed down to pedestrians!

The world's gone mad!

Here's some great pic's we found


Funny how slippery snow doesn't stop the mail from being delivered!

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  1. Well, this article is true in 100% ! I've got the same point of view my friend. Well, you must see this article - no win no fee Scotland

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