Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Fear drives mother to let baby die!

Yet another disgusting story rears its ugly head, over a new born baby allowed to die by it's mother, because she feared the dishonour and shame it would bring upon her Muslim family!

Fatima Ali became pregnant to a Bangladeshi man, who was not approved by the family and relatives.  She gave birth to the baby girl, who had survived the birth, but later needed medical attention.  The mother did not seek any medical intervention and instead, allowed the baby girl to die, and later dumped the body inside a friends garden.

Ali then went out on a family outing with relatives, who were unaware of what she had just done!

Typical! Can't even see who you are!
Nasty woman.
Bolton Crown Court heard how Ali's family had disapproved of a relationship between Fatima and Bengali, Kazi Mohammed Dilwar Hussein, and when Fatima became pregnant, her boyfriend gave her money to carry out an abortion.  Incidentally her boyfriend left the country shortly after!
The relationship between the pair, had caused Fatima's family to be victimised and bullied by community members and caused Ali to carry out her callous act without any thought for the new born baby's welfare.

According to reports, Ali had hidden the pregnancy, and gave birth in her bedroom in Bury, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.  The baby's umbilical cord was cut by Fatima, and after complications the baby died some 2 hours later.  Fatima then buried the baby in a friends garden, which was found wrapped in a black and pink, zebra print shawl.  The friend alerted police and Ali was arrested 3 weeks after.

Bolton Crown Court where Ali was sentenced.

Sentencing Ali to 26 weeks imprisonment, suspended for 2 years and a 12 month supervision order, Judge John Appleby said: "You failed to seek medical assistance following the birth of your daughter.  The tragedy that followed is at the immense disaster for this child.  She died within 2 hours of her birth, and, had you acted appropriately, her life could have been saved" the Judge later went on to say: "This is a tragedy and the result of your actions will be with you for the rest of your life"

Nazir Afzal, Chief Crown Prosecutor for the North West said: "Fatima Ali sought no medical assistance leading up to or following the birth of the baby at home, despite evidence to show that she had access to two working mobile phones at the time.  She then attempted to conceal the baby's body outside her friends front garden, the next morning before going to work as normal"
Mr Afzal went on further to say: "Whatever the community or familial dishonour or shame, real or perceived, that Ali may have felt, it did not justify the tragic death of the most vulnerable victim, a new born baby."

This is yet another sad case from Muslim culture, which highlights how some people feel in their isolated communities, that has driven a woman to callously dispose of a new born baby, purely because of the back lash from the community and family.
I'm sure Islam does not condone such actions from a desperate woman, and on the contrary, if she had asked for the help, people would have given it to her, so to a degree, this woman only has herself to blame in it's entirety for what happened, although the mitigating circumstances point to her psychological state of mind, once she discovered she was pregnant.  But why didn't she have the baby aborted at the earliest of stages?  Obviously abortion should never be condoned by anyone.  Life is extremely precious.
Was it all pre-meditated?
Something has to be done about these isolated communities, that assume that their religion and way of life is the only one.  In a multi-cultural society like ours, everyone has the right to their own way of life, but if it harms someone else, or impedes a normal rational way of thinking, then that is wrong.  
This sadly won't be the last story we hear from the Muslim community!

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